What I Want Thursday – 6/7/12

1. Summer! Somebody tell the weather-fairy that it in June and the thermometer on my porch notes the temperature outside is 56 degrees. JUNE!!
2. A flight booked for my son to fly out and spend some quality time this summer in Seattle.
3. An extra week of vacation this year. I want to go to Yellowstone and Hawaii and spend a month with my kids, but I am stuck with the normal “only two weeks off” vacation hole.
4. A quiet place to work at both home and at my J-O-B. It is getting harder and harder to concentrate on so many tasks with all the noise and interruptions that constantly swirl around me. I am contemplating a cardboard cubical door and a Bio-Peligrosos sign saying I have highly contagious airborne HerpieGonnaSyfalClymdiAIDs on my cube opening.
5. To take a long train trip in a private sleeper-car from Canada to Mexico.
6. A place out in the country where I can punch holes in targets. I HATE public ranges!
7. To have a shower at my J-O-B so I can bike to work.
8. A couple pairs of new dress shoes and a drawer full Smart Wool socks.
9. Affordable, quality universal health care for all – please refer to the German system.

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